Hidden Secret Destiny

Personal enduring characteristics plus 12 month forecast

Provides you with unique and detailed insight into your Secret and Hidden Destiny that affects your most significant relationships.

Discover a great deal more about your Hidden and Secret Destiny with this 6 part personal interpretation that details:

  • Your Appearance, Personality & Physical Characteristics
  • Your life’s purpose, the real ‘you’ and how you project yourself to the world.
  • The ‘Inner You’ Revealed
  • Emerging or Overstating Trends
  • Stabilizing or Stimulating Trends
  • Month by Month Forecast
Hidden Secret Destiny

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Jeff Prince

Jeff Prince is an inspirational Astrologer, whose interpretations are read by his followers all around the world. He has studied astrology for over 40 years and has been a professional Astrological author since 2005. Jeff’s range of insightful readings are designed to encourage you to think about your actions in the most positive way possible. You’ll also find Jeff’s chatty style of Daily horoscopes are featured in a wide range of online media worldwide.

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